Terms And Conditions

Customer has to provide our support manager with all necessary information like content, image in soft copy Any home page or inner pages has to be approved within 24 Hours from the date of our communication Once home page or inner pages are approved, the same will not be redone Redoing new design for home or inner page will be charged extra You should establish ONE point of contact from your office, who will work directly with iAmple Kindly send all communication by email and content by soft copy only Any Hard copy materials have to be keyed in and additional charges will be applicable If work is added to the original proposal development time & associated costs will increase.

You are responsible for your content & image. We can provide content writing if needed with additional cost. If you are not timely in correspondence or delivering materials, this will cause your project to be delayed You will be interacting with support manager allocated by iAmple for your work Web server & email will be provided by iAmple in our server and customers server hosting not allowed Verbal or Oral communication or commitment from our office staffs will not be honored AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract means any content or image changes only can be done.

But any layout or color or page look changes will be charged extra Software / website program coding or design coding will not be given to customer at any circumstances Domain Name will be booked in iAmple Name, unless until specified by customer in scope of work Renewals has to be done within 30 days before expiry date of any hosting, domain or email service If your payment is rejected or delayed, your work will be removed from the Internet. Money Refund is not applicable at any time, customers are allowed to take any other service for lapse period In case of cheque bounce a penalty of Rs. 500/- should be paid by customer Software Source will not be given to customers at any time.

Time Frame:
As per the slated objectives and package selected, the required time frame for deploying the entire solution will be of minimum 30 business days and exact delivery time shall be decided by both the parties before signing Scope Of Work, which should have your prompt and immediate response where ever it is required. The time frame can be revised for any unforeseen reasons or due to further modification of scope of the project.

Payment Terms
50% advance on signing of the contract or Scope of Work (SOW)
Balance Payment of 50% before final hosting on customer's domain
If complete payment not received, website will not be made live in customer's domain on our web server
All payments to be made within 2 business days from the date of submission of agreement
All payments to be made by check payable to "M/s. IAMPLE"
Online invoice will be provided in case of credit card payments from Sales@iample.in
Invoice will be provided after receiving complete payment and after final hosting
Cash or Cheque Receipt will be provided online to customer's email id from Head Office Accounts Only
Any cash paid to sales or other employees, iAmple will not be liable.

Legal Terms
If We receive any
Balance Payment of 50% before final hosting on customer's domain